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Concrete Finisher

Do You Have What It Takes To Be One of Our Concrete Finishers?

Because our concrete finishers require a high degree of artistry, we are looking for a skilled craftsman with experience. Our concrete finishers also must work as a team with the other mechanics and laborers. We expect our finishers to pay strict attention to detail, to take pride and appreciate the results of their work. We want someone who is looking for long term employment, who is well rounded on the job site and with possible management skills. If interested, contact our office.


Administrative Position at Mark Cement

It is our belief that administrative positions are on of the most valuable part of any successful business. ? ?Strict attention to detail and great organizational skills are most important.? You will need communication skills, analytical skills and leadership skills.


Would you like to work here?

We are always looking for good people to work. ?Our laborers are required to have experience in concrete/masonry ?construction and be prepared for physical labor. ?Our laborers may perform such duties as,, prep work and grading of work sites, formwork, concrete and debris removal,, operating jack hammer, digging trenches, and assisting other craftsmen and laborers on job site. ?If you think you have what it takes to be apart of our team.